Precision medicine in lymphoma: what does it mean?

On demand Janssen satellite symposium from the virtual iCML Congress 2021

Welcome and Introductions
John Gribben

Roundtable discussion: What does precision medicine mean for the management of lymphoma now and in the future?
  • Precision medicine in diagnosis and disease characterization
  • Precision medicine in biology-driven treatment
  • Precision medicine in response evaluation
  • The role of precision medicine now and in the future

Audience questions and panel discussion
All faculty, moderated by John Gribben


Learning objective:

After participating in this webinar, viewers should be able to:

  • Explain what precision medicine means in the management of patients with B-cell lymphomas


Scientic Committee:

  • John Gribben (UK)
  • Steven Le Gouill (France)



  • Catherine Thieblemont (France)
  • Steven Treon (USA)


More Info
92 Minutes
EM-61411 - Date of preparation: May 2021