ON-DEMAND webinar: What have we learnt about the use of cellular therapies in multiple myeloma?


This session will be broadcast live as part of the official ESH 5TH TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH E-CONFERENCE : MULTIPLE MYELOMA program and will not be broadcast live on the HME Forum. It will be made available as an on-demand version here on the HME Forum after 27 October 2020. However, if you sign up in advance, we will update you as soon as the on-demand version is available.


Learning objective:

After participating in this webinar, viewers should be able to:

  • Describe the current cellular therapy approaches for patients with multiple myeloma
  • Discuss the latest evidence supporting the use of cellular therapies in patients with multiple myeloma
  • Identify how to optimise cellular therapy approaches for different patients with multiple myeloma


Scientific Committee and speakers:

  • María Victoria Mateos (Spain)
  • Deepu Madduri (USA)


More Info
60 Minutes
EM-38739 - Date of preparation: July 2020