Evolving approaches to therapy in CLL: Will there be a role for chemoimmunotherapy in the era of targeted therapy? - 8PM


With the increase in the number of non-chemotherapy agents available to treat CLL, it is essential to critically evaluate the data that should drive clinical practice. The introduction of targeted agents has significantly improved outcomes in CLL; however, the inclusion of these agents in the treatment pathway means that physicians now have a range of different considerations when managing their CLL patients. In this broadcast the latest data with the targeted agents being used in CLL will be presented. Our expert faculty will discuss how these data have already changed the treatment paradigm, strategies to optimize outcomes and the potential for a chemotherapy-free future for patients with CLL.  

Learning objective

After participating in this broadcast, you should be able to:
- Describe the role of targeted therapies and chemoimmunotherapy in the management of patients with CLL
- Discuss how the CLL treatment paradigm may evolve in the future  


20.00 Selecting the treatment strategy in the front-line setting - C Moreno
20.15 Treatment options in the relapsed setting – R Foà  
20.30 Improving practical management of patients to improve treatment outcomes – S Stilgenbauer
20.45 The future treatment paradigm of CLL – S Stilgenbauer  

More Info
63 Minutes
PHEM/HEM/0218/0006 -